Feline Herpesvirus (FHV)

Standard: 10 pieces/box Storage: cold storage 2-8℃ Time:10 min Sample: ocular & nasal swab


Joint Inspection Advantage

Dawnsail is the only company that manufactures FHV antigen and antibody in the market. To test both HPV antigen and antibody, we can achieve more complete test results, precise diagnosis, and accurate treatment.

Precise Quantification

The innovative technology of quantitative immunofluorescence lateral flow helps to quantify the number of pathogens. It is at least 100 times more sensitive than colloidal gold. Sensitiveness and specificness can reach up to 93.6% and 99.9%. It can detect a low concentration of FHV at the early stage to minimize leaks and increase the recovery rate.


Take ocular and nasal swabs for the sample.

10 min rapid test

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About FHV

Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) causes upper respiratory symptoms. It is highly infectious with a 100% incidence rate and a high mortality rate at 50%. It can be passed from nose to nose contact or breath in spittle that contains the virus.

Clinical application

Effectively evaluate the level of infection

Scientific prognosis and treatment

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