Canine Progesterone (P4)

Standard: 10 pieces/box Storage: cold storage 2-8℃ Time:10 min Sample: plasma


P4 is a steroid hormone produced by corpus luteum. It is essential for female mammals during reproduction, such as ovulation, pregnancy, giving birth, breast growth.

When a healthy female canine’s P4 level reaches 15-35ng/ml and the keratinocyte level is higher than 70%, the mating success rate can reach up to 80%.

Rapid test in 10 minutes

Sensitive biomarker for progesterone level

Clinical background

Canine estrus takes place biyearly, commonly once in spring March – April and once in autumn September – November. P4 test is valuable in the clinical application of breeding since false pregnancy often happens. Monitoring the P4 level before breeding helps to anticipate breeding season and raise the rate of successful mating and calming fetus.

Clinical application

1: monitoring to confirm the best timing for mating

2: confirm the necessity of supplementary exogenous progesterone

3: combine various readings to increase successful reproduction

4: adjuvant diagnose of laboring

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